June 9, 2011

Mr. Jad Lahoud & Mr. Nazih Hardan
Lahoud & Hardan Enterprises, Inc.
420 South Dixie Highway, Suite 2M
Miami, FL 33146

RE: 4075 Bonita Avenue

Dear Jad & Nazih:

I am writing to express our immense gratitude to you both for your invaluable services in the reconstruction of our home. We came to use your company after we took time and care to educate ourselves on the integrity and care in which you approached all of your projects, and that reputation has borne out 1000 times over!

We were faced in late 2009 with the daunting and tragic prospect of having to completely renovate and remediate a new home where we had lived for less than a year as it had been built with defective Chinese drywall. The issue was a completely new problem at the time, and few persons in the construction industry had concrete experience on how to go about restoring our house to the home it was meant to be. Our home was a custom built luxury home and we were devastated on how to go about rebuilding it. Both Jad and Nazih approached the challenge with professionalism and personal care to our concerns. Together we researched the issue, looked at the protocols available at the time to decide on what remediation steps were required with respect to cleaning, removal of the defective drywall, complete demolition of the interior and then which items from the home could be saved and reused or what had to be replaced.

With Nazih’s constant and personal supervision, you tackled our novel situation with utmost zeal, and in the end you have delivered to us a restored and beautiful home that has been fully remediated. As in any construction project we worked through a few change orders, but each time you approached the issues with a balanced mindset of fairness on costs, integrity and sympathy to our situation. Your humanistic approach to the construction process was a personal touch that guided us through the hard times, and for that we will be forever grateful.

With such a positive experience, we have already been able to recommend your company with the highest unqualified marks to both friends and family and all others who have contacted us for a reference. We have been proud to say Lahoud & Hardan restored our home and we will enjoy recommending your company again and again.

After having recently moved back into the house, we have the peach of mind now that our home was restored with care, is safe, and the construction standards and materials which were used are the highest possible.

Thank you, and warmest regards!
Armin G. Seifart