Miami, December 17, 2005

Mr. Jad Lahoud
President Lahoud and Hardan Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Nazih Hardan
Vice-President Lahoud and Hardan Enterprises, Inc.

Dear Jad and Nazih: Your company has successfully completed our construction project at 2957 Bridgeport Avenue in Coconut Grove. On time and within budget, both rare events in the Miami construction industry.

I wish to thank you and your team for a work done with care, professionalism and passion, making true, gracefully, your company’s theme:

“From sketched ideas to concrete shapes”.

We started this project, our fist in the USA, with lots of doubts and apprehensions about the realities that awaited us during the construction. Now, I can say that the ride, if bumpy at times as in any construction project, was sooth, interesting, enlightening and fun.

Additionally, I am very satisfied with the whole process since I started with a General Contractor and ended up with 2 good friends.


Carlos Sosa
Managing Partner CRS Investments LLC